forged aisi d2 alloy steel

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High Strength aisi d2 forged special steel At Awesome

High Strength aisi d2 forged special steel At Awesome

The aisi d2 forged special steel are indestructible due to their strength. They come in a vast collection comprising different sizes to cater to different users鈥 needs and specifications. No matter where you want to apply them in your construction and structural works, you will find the perfect aisi d2 forged special steel to suit you. Tool Steel D2 Metal Ministry Inc.Tool Steel D2 Forged Custom Shapes Tool Steel AISI D2 Forged Machined Parts Meanwhile, these Tool Steel D2 Forgings can further be customized in terms of sizes and thicknesses as per specific requirements given by our esteemed clients. AISI D2 /1.2379 Hot Forged Rolled Steel Flat Bar For Tools D2 steel round bar and plate can be used to produce cold work mold with a large cross-section, complex shape, high impact force, and high wear resistance. It has high hardenability and the high-temperature oxidation resistance is good. The anti-corrosion ability is good after quenching and polishing, and the deformation is small after the steel heat treatment. D2 tool steel Tool Steel D2 All Metals & Forge Group

  • Principal Design FeaturesApplicationsMachinabilityHeat TreatmentOther CommentsThis alloy is one of the Cold Work, high carbon, high chromium type tool steels. D2 is a deep hardening, highly wear resistant alloy. It hardens upon air cooling so as to have minimum distortion after heat treatment.forged d2 1 2379 skd11 alloy steel -

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