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Link Options (Using the GNU Compiler Collection

Link Options (Using the GNU Compiler Collection

If, instead, you use the GCC driver to create shared libraries, you may find that they are not always linked with the shared libgcc. If GCC finds, at its configuration time, that you have a non-GNU linker or a GNU linker that does not support option --eh-frame-hdr , it links the shared version of libgcc into shared libraries by default. General Use Products:Certification and Testing You are not required to, but you may copy the layout and title the document "General Certificate of Conformity" and include the details pertinent to your product; or, if you prefer, you may create your own form, as long as it captures all of the requirements listed in 16 CFR 1110.11. (The model GCC captures all of the 16 CFR 1110.11 requirements.) Warning Options - Using the GNU Compiler GCC can warn you if you are using identifiers that have not been normalized; this option controls that warning. There are four levels of warning supported by GCC. The default is -Wnormalized=nfc, which warns about any identifier that is not in the ISO 10646 鈥淐鈥 normalized form, NFC. NFC is the recommended form for most uses. Building GCC - OSDev Wiki

  • IntroductionPreparing For The BuildThe BuildUsing The New CompilerCompilers are upgraded through a process called bootstrapping. At first you have your old system compiler that produces slow code and doesn't support all the new language features. You then use this old system compiler to build the new version of the compiler, hoping that the old compiler is able to build the new compiler (it supports all needed features). This produces a neFunction Attributes - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

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